We develop, manufacture and service professional starting systems for cars, vans and trucks equipped with 6V, 12V and 24V on-board systems.


Devices can be used as auxiliary power supplies for starting vehicles under adverse weather conditions (frost), as auxiliary supplies in garages and services or as portable power supplies for 6V, 12V and 24V appliances on the road as they can be recharged.

Devices are equipped with Hawker Genesis® and EnerSys Odyssey® maintenancefree accumulators, which are able to provide a high starting current and, at the same time, are small and light. Microprocessor control electronics are used for convenient and safe control of these devices and their electronics can detect the incorrect connection of the output cables (reversal of poles) by means of automatic selection of output voltage according to the vehicle’s on-board system, they can perform automatic disconnection in case the integrated batteries are overloaded and provide basic protection against load peaks.

The system is optimized for vehicles with electronic equipment.